Rent Is Soaring Higher In Baltimore

Some say that a solution to the financial headaches caused by buying homes is to opt to rent instead. But according to many of the sources we’ve found, renting might not really be a solution. On Aug 1, 2018, there was a report stating that renting in Baltimore is getting more expensive and rising faster … Continued

Selling Your Home During a Divorce in Maryland

Let’s talk about a touchy subject… selling your home during a divorce in Maryland. With more than 50% of American marriages ending in divorce, many Maryland residents need to sell their home quickly. A home is one of the most valuable joint assets, and obviously cannot be divided without first liquidating. This can be one … Continued

I’m Relocating And Need To Sell My House In Maryland

Are you relocating and need to sell your house in Maryland? We can help! We frequently work with sellers just like yourself so they can close when they need to and for the top dollar. As active real estate is because we’re actively listing houses in Maryland. We understand what buyers are looking for and … Continued

Selling a House With Pets in Maryland

Pets make almost everything better! Trips to the beach, hikes in the park, and barbeques in the backyard. Everything is better, except when it comes to selling a house with pets in Maryland. When preparing your home for showings, the goal is to keep the buyer focused on all the great things it has to offer. … Continued

Why Pick A Realtor With Home Building Experience?

When buying your first home you’ll be making one of the largest investments of your life. According to Zillow, the current median home value in Maryland is $272,400. That’s almost 4x the Maryland median household income of $69,272! Many buyers will finance this purchase over a 30-year period with monthly payments that can cover up … Continued

Under Contract — The Workshop Flip

It was a successful weekend. We just listed The Workshop and the market’s response was amazing. We had many showings, great feedback, and best of all, a couple of offers! Everyone who went through the house loved the renovation. The extra effort put into the garage and landscaping paid off. Even as we go into … Continued

Listing Complete – The Workshop Flip

The Workshop Flip has been wrapped up and listed. Check out the photos here! If you’re interested in see the property in person you can fill out the form on our home page. The Early Bird Gets the Worm Let’s be honest, it’s a competitive market out there. Inventory is low and homebuilders aren’t able … Continued

How We Made $78,000 in 85 Days – The McMansion Flip

This blog post didn’t come easy. We love being transparent about our company. We love telling people about what we’re working on, both our accomplishments and our struggles. We’re passionate about what we do and have a hard time keeping our mouths shut as we ramble on and on with our friends and family about … Continued

Listing Complete – The Annapolis Flip

Listed Right Before the School Year It came close, but we did it! The Annapolis Flip is complete and we got it listed just before the end of summer. While we don’t have a ton of time to get it sold before Fall, we think the quality will get it sold quick. We learned a … Continued